Producciones Almendares: your fixer in Cuba.

A good fixer is key in the success of a project, be it audiovisual, an event production or a personal undertaking. And this is more crucial if the setting is in a foreign country.
At Producciones Almendares we know first-hand what producing is like in Cuba. With almost a decade of experience as a team, Producciones Almendares guarantees peace of mind to its customers. We do so by delivering results based on the highest standards in the industry.

Interview services provided by Producciones Almendares

If your audiovisual products require meetings and interviews filmed in Cuba, Producciones Almendares can take care of that for you. A multidisciplinarian team with more than eight years of experience in the audiovisual world and an associated staff of professionals from the fields of communications and journalism, Producciones Almendares guarantees the high quality and accuracy of the interviews required by your documentary or news report, without your having to travel to Cuba.

Producciones Almendares brings fiction short film to Cuban television

The production of Agnus Dei is a sample of the wide range of action of Producciones Almendares, a well-known private production startup leaded by Santa Coloma, a local entrepreneur and producer. Their experience of more than 8 years is vast, which places them as the leading company in the audiovisual independent emerging industry.